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Welcome to the Richland County Housing Authority (HA) Housing Choice Voucher waiting list application.

This web-based process will assist you in applying for a place on the waiting list for the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program.  Apply at any time while the wait list is open.  See “Registration Status” box to the right for wait list status.  The HA will place eligible applicatants on the Richland County HA Housing Choice Voucher waiting list. 

Upon completion of registration, write down the tracking number for your records.  

To successfully apply, provide the following information:

To meet the Richland County HA’s eligibility criteria:

Provide accurate information.  Submission of false information or misrepresentation may result in loss of eligibility to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Program.  Applicants must have a valid address and/or phone number for contact purpose. Applicants who cannot be contacted will have file placed inactive.

Only one application per household. Submission of multiple applications will result in disqualification.

Applicant must not exceed the Very Low Income Limit

1 Person = $24,800

2 Person = $28,350

3 Person = $31,900

4 Person = $35,400

5 Person = $38,250

6 Person = $41,100

7 Person = $43,900

8 Person = $46,750

Those with a disability or have language barriers may request accomodation to apply to the wait list.  Please contact the HA office at 608-647-3214.

Please note that this is not an official U.S. Housing and Urban Development form and is used only for determining eligibility for placement on the Housing Choice Voucher Program waiting list.

Current Time: 07/03/2022 12:39am

Registration is currently open

To begin, click "Register" below. If you have already applied and would like to edit or check the status of your application, please click "Search Existing Record" below.

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